Dear Little Girl

Dear little six-year-old girl,

I can see you. With your long, brown hair pulled into two braids and tied with red ribbons, beloved overalls, and t-shirt; you seek adventures and believe you can fly. As you run through the grassy fields bare- foot and free, with your imagination carrying you along, I know that thoughts hover in the back of your mind. Thoughts about the daddy you so desperately want to love you. You look up at the grey skies and wonder what you do wrong to make him yell and belittle. Little six-year-old girl, I wish you could understand how much it is not your fault.

Dear little eight-year-old girl,

I can see you. Sitting under the slide on the cold, damp, playground, hiding from the girls you thought were your friends. You do not understand what you did to make them turn away. All you know is the pain and loneliness that has followed their rejection. Dear little eight-year-old girl, you are worth so much more than the opinions of those around you.

Dear little eleven-year-old girl,

I can see you. With your tear streaked face, innocent blue eyes, and a heart that feels heavy because you don’t look like the other girls. I know that you long for what you think is normal and desirable. You have no idea how beautiful and loved you really are. Those blue eyes you hate, and body you think is wrong are really perfect; crafted and designed by the One who created you. Do not listen to the lies that the way you are is anything less than beyond compare.

Dear little fourteen-year-old girl,

I can see you. That body that you said you hated made you the perfect target for the enemy. I can see you pretending to eat a dinner that you never will touch. I know that you think you have everyone fooled, but you don’t. I want, no, I need you to eat. Don’t believe the lie. Those careless words from one who said things from anger were not true. You are not even slightly fat. Your body needs sustenance to continue. Eat.

Dear little sixteen-year-old girl,

I can see you. I know that you wear that mask of perfection with pride. I know that you think that no one can see or no one knows. I see right through you. I see those cuts and scars that you think are hidden well. I know that you feel dirty deep down inside, from the things you have thought and done. You feel depressed and part of you wonders what would happen if you were gone. Would anyone know why? Would anyone care? On the inside, you are screaming, trying to break free from the darkness, but no one on the bright side can hear you. I know that you want to let someone in, but you feel helpless and alone. Dear little sixteen-year-old girl, you are never alone.

Dear little eighteen-year-old girl,

I can see you. You are sitting on the cold shower floor, crying silent tears. You think about the fading scars and the old ways of life, but the darkness of the past won’t let you forget. You still feel dirty, unlovable, too far gone. You think that no one will ever love you. You fear that your time for finding love is slipping away, just out of your reach. Dear little eighteen-year-old girl, you are more than the shame of the past and are worth more than what any guy has to offer.

Dear little nineteen-year-old girl,

I can see you. I see you sitting in the corner of the school library, hidden away from the world. With your headphones pressed in tightly, music blaring in an attempt to quiet the hurt that is radiating through. In a short time, you will begin to see the mark of depression and feel the pain that comes with that realization. Dear girl, please do not shut out the people that love you. Please remove the masks and seek real healing. Be honest with your mentors and don’t worry about losing face. Find help, find love, and press into the One whose image you bear.

Beloved Child,

I see you. I know that you feel unlovable, unforgivable, and forgotten. I know that you have problems trusting. Problems understanding that you are worth it. Problems seeing that you were made in the image of your heavenly Father. Your Father who loves you unconditionally sees your every moment and still loves you. He knows about the love you never got from your daddy. He knows about the unkind words and yelling. He knows that you hated His beautiful creation and said no to the food you needed. He knows about the scars and how you feel alone. He knows that you’ve thought about ending it. He knows. He knows and despite everything He loves you. He loves the face that hides in shame and the tears that were seemingly never heard or seen. Dear little girl, He loves you more than you could ever know. Press into Him and find peace.

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