A New Semester- An Old Lesson

A new semester, a new schedule, a new set of challenges.  I am starting my fourth semester here at Moody, and I feel like I go through this thought process of sorts at the beginning of every semester.  So what do I do?  I write about it of course. 😉

So new semester- I’m taking 18 credits this semester, working 17 (or so) hours a week, and am serving as a mentor for big bro- big sis.  As far as schedules go, not much has changed from last semester, except my work load does not seem quite as heavy (for now, knock on wood).  This is a huge blessing and it has given me more time to think and pray as I’ve been getting into this new semester.

This semester I have big things coming up.  I’m taking the math Praxis again (hopefully for the last time), finishing up my teacher observations, and applying to be officially accepted into the Elementary Education major.   It will be stressful to be sure, but one major difference from last semester is that I feel God’s peace in my heart and mind.  With every challenge I will face, every stressful moment, and sleepless night I will face this semester I know (now more than ever) that God’s got it.  With every closed door I’ll find, I know that God has something better in store.  Of course, I’m still human and I still have doubts, fears, and anxieties (This still hasn’t and never will change).  But I am actually starting to truly believe that God’s got it.  I’ve always known this to be true, but it was just head knowledge, not heart knowledge.

This is, of course, a sharp contrast to how I felt and thought all of last semester.  I realize as time goes on and I continue to grow, I’m starting to truly believe and understand this more and more.  I may think I know what I want, but in reality I do not.  God knows what I need and has always been faithful to provide that in the past (even if I couldn’t see that in the moment) and he will continue to provide in the future.  So that’s my thought for the beginning of this new semester and the continuation of this “season”.  It’s the continuation of the lesson that God has been teaching me since I first got to Moody- let go, and let God.  If I truly trust in Him, everything else won’t matter anymore.

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