Finals are almost here and the Fall semester is coming to a close.  Praise the Lord!!

It’s pretty obvious to anyone who has read my other blog posts that I am a person that likes to reflect.  This post is a reflection, but my reflection and outlooks are different than they would have been a few months ago.  I’ve done a lot of growing and changing this semester.  God’s been working on my heart and attitude, while teaching me some pretty heavy lessons.

This semester I learned what it really means to prioritize time and how to juggle classes, work, homework, PCM, and student groups.  I’ve said no to friends and fun things.  I’ve had to put a pause on some relationships and lock myself in the library.  It was a struggle, but as I’m coming out of this semester I’m confident in what I have learned and what my GPA will look like because of this hard work.

I also learned a lot about relationships.  Particularly friend relationships.  The very first day back, events happened that lead to the cutting of ties with some close friends.  It was painful.  There were some deep wounds that had I had to work to mend.  It complicated many things.  On the flip side, I learned a lot about what it means to have close friends of the opposite gender.  Yes folks, guys and girls can just be friends.  (I know any Moody student reading this just about had a heart attack and had to re-read that sentence, yes I just said that).  One of my best friends is a guy and at the beginning of the semester I wrestled with how I thought a girl-guy friendship should be.  I now have a clear picture of that, and our friendship is so, so important to me.  (For my family no, we really are not dating.  I know y’all are having a hard time wrapping your minds around that, but it’s true).

I also learned about the dangers that come with fears and anxieties.  I will admit that I struggle with anxiety.  I stress and worry even though I know it is sinful.  With the help of a dear Professor, I’ve been able to see how my anxieties have been holding me back.  He helped me to be able to release my “terror monster” to God, and I finally can see my life free from fear and worry.  I feel amazing, and my panic attacks are starting to disappear.

All in all- God has been teaching me some big things the last couple of months.  I’m growing deeper in my relationship with Him, and it’s so wonderful.  This semester has been hard.  There have been sleepless nights and tearful moments.  I’ve struggled through some tough issues, but every single moment has been worth it.

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