Home.  So many wonderful things pop into my mind when I think of home.  Family, friends, my home church, country living, and good food are a few things that come to mind.  I got to go home for 12 beautiful days this month.  I was home when my brother Ephraim was born, but my trip home was different then.  This time, I got to see almost all of my family.  I got to go to my home church.  I got to see my best friend for the first time since March.  My time at home has been bliss.  When I’m at home, my mornings start around 6am with my 2 year old sister Lydia kissing my head and whispering my name.  I love this cuddly cutie despite the early morning wake ups. 🙂  Luke and Lia, want me to jump on the trampoline with them, or read books with them.  Addy likes asking me questions and going on walks like we used to before I left.  I get to spend time with my mom and get to actually hug her, something that I’ve missed more than I thought I would.  And this time I’ve been spending a lot of time holding, feeding, and cuddling little Ephraim.  He’s grown so much in the short month since he was born!  He’s so awake and I’ve gotten some real smiles and coos from him!  When I come home next in November, he’s going to be so big!  With all of this, it makes me really miss what I have at home.  Lately I’ve grown tired of the crowded city and the constant sirens and horns.  I’m tired of being alone and missing everything going on at home.  It’s been good to get away from the city and get back to the trees, clean air, lightning bugs, and clear, starry skies.  As much as I love Chicago and Moody, this trip has been great!  It’s going to be hard to leave again, especially since I know I won’t be home again until Thanksgiving.  However, I know that they are only a phone call or face time visit away.  Anytime I feel that familiar pang of regret and homesickness, I’m reminded that I’m where God wants me, at Moody.  In all of this, I’m getting excited for the start of the school year.  I can’t wait to go back to my friends and 6 West family!

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