Two Weeks

It’s crazy to think that just two weeks ago, I was in the midst of finals.  It feels like it has been an eternity!  Last Sunday was my first full day being in the city completely alone.  Almost everyone has left school for the summer.  Only a few of us remain on campus either for summer classes or work.  I am part of the working crowd.  I have a job working for Moody and I also babysit three days a week.  I’ll admit, the beginning of this week was tough.  It was hard to adjust to being alone for the most part.  I do not really know anyone staying on campus and my work schedule does not really allow me to get to know any of the other girls on my floor.  During the school year I was spoiled and was surrounded by amazing friends.  Now, I come home after work, and get to be alone.  I’m not complaining, I love and appreciate the opportunity that I have been given!  However, It has been kind of lonely.  I miss going to visit Jess while she was working in Doane.  I miss watching Sherlock with Ashlyn.  I miss my sassy, Mexican, roommate.  I miss going to PCM with Jacqui.  I miss meetings with Juan, Andrea, Darby, Andrew, and Brad.  Most of all, I miss walking down the hall to hang out with Darby.  I miss talking to people and getting to enjoy other people’s company.

Through all of this, I realize that God is just preparing me for ministry later on.  I recognize that I will spend a lot of time alone when I am working overseas one day.  I’m not always going to have friends around me or people to talk to.  I will end up spending a lot of time alone.

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