The Letter

Dear Alyssa, We are delighted to inform you that your application for enrollment at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago for the fall semester of 2014…

1 Year.  1 single year ago today, I got the letter that changed my life forever.  I can tell you exactly what went on that day.  It was a Saturday and I was an opener at the pool that morning.  I did my normal lifeguard routine and taught swimming lessons like I did every Saturday, it felt normal.  Then when I got to the car, I was told that I had 2 letters from Moody waiting for me when I got home.  That 15 minute car ride felt like an eternity!  I went to my room and stared at the letters for a solid 15 minutes before I could work up the courage to open the first one.  I’m not much of a yeller, but I think that the entire valley could hear my excited cries of “I GOT INTO MOODY!!!!”

Since that day, so much has changed.  I am no longer the incredibly quiet girl I once was.  I’m still me, I’m just not quite as reserved.  Just ask my RA 😉  I live in Chicago.  I am a student at the Moody Bible Institute.  I am studying under some of the greatest professors in the world, and I have the privilege of working toward a degree in ministry.  My friends here are some of the greatest people I know, even if we do get on each others nerves.  Not to mention Houghton 6 West is the greatest floor ever.  #owlsowlsowls #weowlfamily 😉  I can’t thank God enough for allowing me to study here.  It has been rough, there is no doubt about that, but all in all, it has been the one of the greatest experiences I’ve had thus far.  (Going to Haiti is still in ahead of this, I mean, if I hadn’t gone to Haiti, I probably wouldn’t be here 🙂 )  I can’t wait to see what God has in store for the remainder of my time here.

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