Sunshine. Cupcakes. Adventure.

Spring is finally upon us in the Windy city. It was 60 gorgeous degrees today with nothing but sun. It was absolute bliss!! For me the new year does not really start until the snow disappears and spring begins. Spring means new growth, the old melting away, and a fresh start for new adventures. On campus, spring means a crowded plaza with soccer, frisbee, and, of course, couples. The atmosphere changes and solum faces are replaced with smiles. It seems like the change in seasons lifts a weight off of our shoulders, and our course load does not seem to be quite as heavy as it was before. It’s amazing what a little bit of sunshine and warm weather can do for the soul.

In honour of the change in weather, Darby and I went on our first spring adventure. Darby hadn’t ever been to Sprinkles Cupcakes, so I took it upon myself to resolve this issue. It was a hardship, but someone had to do it! 😉  Adventure+ Cupcakes= Best. Day. Ever!! Of course, it would not be a real adventure without me getting us lost, so I kept the tradition. It was Google Maps fault this time, but still. Luckily, Darby and I both love adventures, so getting lost yet again was not an issue. It seems like Darby and I’s friendship is built upon my lack of direction and getting us lost… but that’s another story… 😉
When finally ended up at Sprinkles, we stood in awe of the wonderfulness that is their 24 hour cupcake ATM. Cupcakes in hand, we then trekked back to campus, and soaked in the wonderful sunshine with the rest of the plaza dwellers.

IMG_0051 IMG_0054


It’s days like today where I seem to be able to see God more clearly. My wonderful creator made this beautiful day. He made the sunshine and orchestrated the warm breeze. The first verse that popped into my head this morning was Psalm 19:1. “The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.” I am in absolute awe. My God created all of this. My God is great and powerful, and today was a good reminder of this. It’s funny what can come out of sunshine, cupcakes, and one great adventure…


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