An Open Letter to the Student Body

We have an issue on campus that I feel we as students need to address.  It plagues our community and breeds contempt.  The issue can be found across campus in the dorms, halls, tunnels, SDR, common areas, and even in classrooms.  No, I’m not referring to Moody couples (a bit of humour).  In all seriousness, … Continue reading An Open Letter to the Student Body

“Missionary” Redefined

This is a piece that I wrote for Missional Student!  I highly recommend checking their site out for more articles on missional living! It also was featured in Bold Girl Ministry's online magazine: Bold Light, Light of the World issue. Check them out at! When you hear the word "missionary" or think of people living … Continue reading “Missionary” Redefined


A warm fall Friday Students restless from sitting still all day A short trip to the park before heading back to assigned worksheets Very little homework Unexpected learning moments Brief pauses to soak in these pieces of heaven Students who raise stress levels asking questions about God in profound ways Reminders of why this role … Continue reading Fridays